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B Thomas writes and records all of his own music, with nods to hyperpop, rock, and hip-hop. His background in classical composition also adds texture and depth to his work. Someone Else’s Guy, the first single from B Thomas is available on February 14th 2021

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Adaptational Pipe Dreams

Taken from the phrase ‘maladaptive day dreaming’, Adaptational Pipe Dreams is a consultancy that will innovate, create, advocate and generally originate on your behalf. -Whatever you need.

Current Clients Include:
Hannah Bevis Design
Whiskey Tumbler Brixton
Susanna Thomas Interiors
Abigail Yentis Design
Jacqui Sechiari: Rediscover You
Thalia Shivdasani: Performer


written, scored & directed by B Thomas

3 siblings, all at different stages and places in life. Their hugely differing personalities have cause friction in many different ways throughout their lives, but they’re still family.

2 siblings. 1 newly orphaned child. It’s easy to say “if anything happened to you, of course we’d raise your child,” but when the child you’re raising is the spitting image in both looks and personality to someone you have butted heads with for your entire life, it’s hard not to project one onto the other, see characteristics that aren’t there and generally deal with it all.

Funny, frustrating and poignant, Nurture is the journey of one particularly unusual family dynamic.

For the ones we’ve loved; For the ones we’ve lost

The ‘Sorry I’m with B Thomas’ EP

Sorry I’m With B Thomas
The Thrill of the Chase
A Coupla Lips Now
Sorry You’re With B Thomas
Title Track
Let’s Fly (High as Kites)